4 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Sicily

Choosing a travel destination can be nasty at times. For a person who lovers travelling, it is boring to visit one place every holiday. Maybe you have been in most notable tourist attractions across the globe. Now, you’re looking for a different experience in your next tour. Or else, you are a sailing enthusiast but do not have an idea of where to go next.

If this describes your situation, Sicily is a perfect choice. This island in the Mediterranean Sea is an amazing travel destination that will change your holiday experience. Here are some of exceptional things you didn’t know about Sicily:

It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea 

Do you miss a place surrounded with blue water all round? Sicily is the perfect destination. This Italian island is the largest land block inside the Mediterranean Sea. The island has an area of 25,832.39 sq. kilometers. By being an island, Sicily offers the best beaches. The island has a beaches of over 1600 km in length. So, you can enjoy basking on the sun as you enjoy the cool breezes blowing from the sea. You will love the experience.

Haven of Italian history

They say, if you want to learn the Italian history, go to Rome. While this might be true as many people see Italy through the Rome lenses. But, when you get a Sicily yacht charter and sail to this island, your thinking will change. Sicily is a haven of Italian history. The island hosts over 26{5e5f13755294280e7482c901d12314effaaeedbef1579eb0d4483b9cd71d4dff} of Italian cultural sites. Also, it has 7 out of the 53 UNESCO heritage sites in Italy. This aspect makes it the ultimate place for learning about the Italian history and culture. Isn’t that amazing?

The original home of Puppets

Do love puppet shows? If so, Sicily is the perfect place to get full puppet entertainment. The city is popular for the L’Opera dei Pupi (puppet shows). You will have an opportunity to attend this traditional shows in this land and learn the history behind them. The puppet shows have a connection with medieval heroes who led fight for Christianity in Europe. During your time in Sicily, you’ll learn more about their tails and interact with the puppet show performers.

Enjoy the best treats in Italy

You cannot complete your travel in Sicily without treating yourself with local cuisines. One of the best treats in this island is Palermo. This famous street food in Europe has its roots in Sicily. You’ll enjoy the traditionally made Palermo that consists fried chickpeas inside a sesame-seed sandwich combined with a fresh Sicilian lemon splash. These combination forms a yummy and delicious treat.

Also, you can complete your treat with a tasty dessert. The dessert combines some of the tasty fruits like grapes, oranges, cheese, and round spongy case. Do not forget to get a bar of chocolate as you leave the island or for eating while basking on the sun

As you can see, Sicily has so much to offer for travelers. Your time in this Italian island will remain memorable forever.