The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world as we know it. It has impacted, and is still impacting businesses and social interactions. Businesses that thrive on large gatherings such as concerts are the worst hit during this time, due to lockdowns, isolation and quarantine.

Since gatherings are one of the vehicles of spreading the virus, many people would be reluctant to attend concerts soon. At the same time, since lockdowns have lessened across all countries of the world, coupled with cure and vaccine being supposedly imminent, people might not worry much about large gatherings. For now though, it is unsure whether the future of events and concert planning would be business as usual or tow a new direction soon.

Companies active in the vacations category such as rush49 and ticket outlets like tickeri which offers their clients with tickets to events around the world constitute events and concert industry and are equally affected. Given what we know, these are what the future of event and concert planning after coronavirus would look like:

1.  Spacing at Events

Social distancing requires that people are at least 6 feet away from each other. This would affect sitting arrangements in events and concerts. It generally translates to fewer people to large spaces, making it difficult for close interactions.

2.  Thermal Scanning

Post-COVID-19 events will require thermal scanning at event entrances. With thermal scanning, anyone with an unusually high temperature can be denied admittance on the basis of being suspected of coronavirus. Although wide speculations suggest thermal scanning may not be effective in curbing the spread of covid-19, it is a necessary precaution and would give attendees some reassurance.

3.  Handwashing and Sanitising Booths

Like thermal scanning, events would require hand washing and sanitizing both at entrances and attendees would be required to use them before admittance into the event. This is necessary to curb the spread of the virus and ensure compliance with CDC regulations.

4.  Isolation Rooms

Event organisers may need to provide an isolation room or triage for staff or guests who fall ill during the event.

5.  Decontamination

Post Covid-19 event planning will likely feature a cleaning and disinfection team that would be responsible for cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas and surfaces such as door knobs at a given interval or during breaks.

6.  Virtual Event

The lack of vaccine and possible hit of a second wave make it very likely that the future of event planning would be online. Organisers might have to invest in digital platforms to host their events in such a way that would give the usual atmosphere of physical gatherings. They would have to find a way to boost attendance and quality of their virtual events.


7.  Signs and Messages

Signs and messages conveying protective measures such as wearing masks, and how to curb the spread of the virus would be posted in visible locations like entrances and in restrooms.

We have mentioned the likely post Covid-19 trends in event and concert planning, all of which depend on how the coronavirus develops. Whether now or in the immediate post Covid-19 future, make sure to adhere to CDC regulations in planning your events.