What can you do in Amsterdam in the summer?

Summer is coming again and for this reason it is good to look at the possibilities of what you can do in Amsterdam. Are you curious? On this page we will tell you more information about activities that you can do in the summer in Amsterdam and that is so nice. If you have any questions about these activities, it is certainly good to look at the options so that you can make a good choice. After all, good preparation is half the battle. If you need more information regarding this subjects, you always can contact us. We will happily inform you about all the information that you need regarding this subject.

Dress in the Vondelpark

One of the activities that is definitely recommended in the summer is sitting in the Vondelpark. It is recommended that you bring a blanket that you can put here and enjoy it to the fullest. This way you can also add colors and that is of course very nice. Are you curious? Then it is definitely recommended to do this once with your friends and/or your girlfriends. Tip, it is definitely advisable to bring cards so you can play a nice game.

Sailing in the canals

When it’s summer, it’s nice to sail through the canals of Amsterdam in a boat. You can rent a sloop in Amsterdam yourself so that you can sail here with your friends. In addition to a fun activity with your friends, you can also color in. It is good to mention that you have to be careful where you sail. After all, you don’t want to sail your sloop on the Egg where there is a chance that huge ships are sailing. Therefore always pay close attention to where you are sailing and if it does not go well, always turn around!

Finally the Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is also a must if you are in Amsterdam. The Moco Museum is a museum where art is central. This Amsterdam Museumplein museum is seen by many as a real attraction because you can admire a lot of art at a competitive price. Adults pay only 15.50 for admission, while children between 12 and 17 years pay 12.50. Would you like more information in this area? Consult the website so that you are provided with all the necessary information so that you will make a good choice and that is so nice.