Whenever one talk about Costa Rica what comes in mind is beautiful rainforests, warm beaches, volcanoes, relaxing environment and wildlife that is worth watching. There is a lot that one can choose in Costa Rica — the most popular place that people visit along the southern border of Spain. Planning a trip to Costa Rica may go out of your budget but a few strategies can help you plan your trip to Costa Rica in budget.First of all it is very important to decide that where in Costa Rica you actually want to go. You can ask friends and acquaintances who have already been to this place. If you do not get enough information you may search the Internet. After you have accumulated enough information about Costa Rica, decide on which are your kind of activities and which all places would you like to visit. You may have some great surfing areas, national park and beach vacations in Costa Rica.

The second step goes towards deciding about what will the period of your stay in the country. The best time to visit Costa Rica on budget is during the spring time, that is in the month of August. In Costa Rica it rains a lot but it does not keep raining during the whole day. Because of rain, tourists do not come here and prices tend to become much cheaper.Choose Iberian Airlines as there are a lot for Costa Rica at all times in your. You may be lucky to get air travel tickets for as low as dollar 300 per person. Before booking tickets, check with all travel backsides and airlines and choose the option that you think will be the cheapest. The best service will be available amongst Orbitz, Expedia and Priceline.

Looking for a good budgeted hotel, will not bring you respite. The best way to go about accommodation is renting a private and self catering villa. Make sure that you do not go for additional comforts in villa like maids, extra accessories, luxuries etc. Go for the villas that are situated inland. Villas near the beach will obviously cost you double the rent. You will be allowed to cook yourself and you can always buy fresh produce from the market and to cook it in the way you want.Transportation is an important part of your trip and the best mode of transportation would be using the bus service of Costa Rica. Hiring the car would require you to furnish various documents along with your credit card and the car service may also cost you a heavy service tax. Along with this, you will also need to invest in re-filling and maintenance. The service will connect you to all parts of town and you will have a splendid vacation in Costa Rica.


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