Close to the border of Jordan is the city of Tabuk of Saudia Arabia. Known for its rich infrastructure and gorgeous skyline, the city has won the hearts of local and international tourists. Known for its Wadi Dam, castles, and mosques, the city is a must-visit this vacation. You can make your visit to Tabuk hassle-free by opting for online bookings at You can also get a chance to make your trip economical with the help of discount code from

Tabuk Castle:

The first place to visit in Tabuk which should be at top of your list is the Tabuk Castle, also known as the Tabuk Fort. Constructed in the year 1500, the fortress was made to welcome the Syrian pilgrims back in the time. Today, the castle has been restored into a museum. You can know about the rich Islamic history through this castle, enjoy the open courtyard, and have a look at the city through the watchtowers. You can see lot of historical places at this place. It is a best place for Muslim tourists. With limited budget feel free to use the discount code to avail best discount offers.

Tabuk and Snow:

Tabuk is also near the mountainous areas, and during the winter, the area gets very cold and can fall below the freezing point. Certain regions of Tabuk also receive a good amount of snowfall, especially near the Midian Mountains which are usually covered with snow. The resorts in this area are popular and usually overbooked during the winters because of local. You can book resorts in this region in advance and also pay a lower price with the discount code.

Green Land:

The Green land is a park in Tabuk with a large covered area. The park has a mini zoo where the kids can enjoy some animals and birds while the adults can enjoy themselves at the sweet and coffee shops. The Park also hosts certain festivals according to the season for the expats to enjoy. You can visit this green land park with your family to spend a good time. You can also enjoy your desired meals here. The use of discount code is recommended to seek the best discount offers. You can save up to fifty percent investment with the help of this coupon code.

Guided Tour:

Tabuk holds a special place in the heart of Muslims. The area is famously known for the Tabuk expedition event where the Prophet Muhammad went for preaching Islam. You can book a full guided tour in Tabuk where you can see the Ain Sukkrah (A Spring where the Prophet camped and drank water from) and the Prophet’s Mosque which was built by him. You can get help from professional guides to explore the beauty of this place in a better way. Book your full guided tour of Tabuk at a reasonable price with the use of the discount code.


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