Top 7 Vacation Destinations in Europe

For someone who has lived in the United States their whole life and only visited states and vacation locations in the US, you might want to visit somewhere outside the country for a change.

As seen on US-Reviews, and opinions sourced from travel insurance reviews in the US, it is clear that US travelers enjoyed their vacations in different countries in Europe. Here are the top vacation destinations in Europe.

  • Paris, France:

If Paris isn’t at the top of the list, which other destination will be? Paris is a location loved and coveted by everyone in the US and other countries around the world. Paris is an incredible city with so many sights to see. It is popularly known as a destination for lovers, but whether you’re alone or not, you will always enjoy Paris. There are many views, good food, art, an accommodating environment and so much more that’ll make Paris a memorable one for you.

  • Rome, Italy:

Italy is a country with many beautiful destinations that US tourists love. Rome is one of them. It is a country with so much history attached to it and is one of those that shaped civilization worldwide. It is an open-air museum and has history and sight for everyone to experience.

  • Braga, Portugal:

Often referred to as the Rome of Portugal, it is one of the destinations with great history and architecture. It also has the biggest shopping centers in Europe and is perfect for shoppers. It is an incredibly romantic destination, just like Paris and is culturally dynamic. It is a cultural city, and if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy and learn simultaneously, Braga is for you.

  • Santorini, Greece:

Santorini is a popular vacation location. All over social media, there are different pictures of the beauty that is Santorini. It is one of the perfect places for a romantic honeymoon or getaway. It is also perfect for singles. The sights of this place are amazing. Ancient ruins from the ninth and 17th century, clear waters, sunsets, hikes, local wines, black volcanic beaches, and so much more with luxurious hotels in Greece are a must-see for you.

  • Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona is one of the favorite cities of tourists in Spain. It’s one of the perfect holiday destinations for families. It has great food, lovely architecture and art and sightseeing views.

  • Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague vacations are an extremely happy and peaceful location. It’s instagrammable. Everyone that has visited Prague loved it. It has beautiful architecture and is very affordable.

  • Cavtat, Croatia:

This location brings so much peace and pleasure to everyone who has visited it. It is free from the bustle and hustles of the regular cities, and is a chance to experience a laid-back lifestyle. It keeps you entertained and still offers privacy for you.

Vacations are essential, and a must for everyone to relax and sightsee at one point in their lives. Europe is filled with somany vacation-worthy destinations that you would enjoy.