As summer approaches, you may want to spend some time on the French Riviera to enjoy the sun and amazing landscapes. It’s one of the most beautiful regions and the perfect place to chill on the beach and contemplate the beauty of nature and architecture.

The French Riviera is also one of the luxury regions. 5 stars hotel, millionaire villa, yachts, haute-couture shop, there are many things to do and see to make the most of your stay. There is 3 of the most luxurious places to discover on the French Riviera.

Cap-Eden-Roc Hotel: a mythical place for an enchanted night

The hotel was built in 1870, in the pure Napoleon III style, by Hippolyte de Villemessant, an influential press man. This huge building was built for writers in need of inspiration. This five-star palace located at the extreme tip of Cap d’Antibes is one of the most beautiful properties in Europe. It has the particularity of being composed of three buildings: the Hotel du Cap, the main building located in a park of 9 hectares of pines; the Eden-Roc Pavilion on the side of rocks, overlooking the Mediterranean with its famous pool of sea water; and the 2 Fountains.

This place is a standard of a French art de vivre. A 5 stars-rating deserved for the beauty of its landscape as well as its service as benevolent as fine. Its immaculate building emerges in the middle of the giant pines of Cap d’Antibes. At the end of the tennis courts and a garden filled with roses and wisteria, the pool enclosed in the rock takes on the shape and color of a lagoon.

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Crowned heads, politicians, artists, well-known intellectuals, businessmen, film stars… In a century and a half, the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc became a refuge for the powerful. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor came to recharge their batteries. Ali Khan and Rita Hayworth met there. Pablo Picasso designed and designed the restaurant menu. Marc Chagall spent every August there for 15 years…

For a night, a dinner at the hotel’s gourmet restaurant, a drink at the Eden-Roc Grill or the bars La Rotonde and Le Bellini, come and soak up the magic of this mythical place.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild: an enchanting pink palace

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is one of the most beautiful Renaissance-style palaces on the French Riviera, built on the summit of Cap Ferrat between 1905 and 1912 by Baroness Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild. This house is reminiscent of the great houses of the Italian Renaissance. The owner demanded that everything be painted in her favorite color: pink. When she died in 1934, she bequeathed the management of her villa to a foundation bearing her name to open a museum. Its patio, 9 dream gardens, lounges, galleries, cabinets, bedrooms, and boudoirs are open to the public.

The nine gardens that make up the house all have a unique theme: a French garden, a Spanish garden, a Florentine garden, a lapidary garden, a Japanese garden, an exotic garden, a Provencal garden, a rose garden. An invitation to travel!

Among all the treasure in the house, there is a particular work of art worth contemplating: Les danseuses by Jean-Frédéric Schall. At the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, 6 danseuses by Jean-Frédéric Schall are exhibited.

These charming dancers were the specialty of the painter at the end of the 18th century. The grace of the models and the colors of a rare virtuosity are striking in these works.

The first, dressed in yellow and blue silk, is capped with a hat adorned with flower. The shimmer of the colors is remarkable.

The second, dressed in bright colours and leopard patterns, holds a cup of vermeil in her right hand and a rose in her left hand. It testifies to the variety of fabrics used at that time for clothing.

A third, more classic, with hands behind the back, is dressed in a pink, orange lace dress and wearing a feather hat.

A fourth, with a white dress held by a blue ribbon on her belt, is depicted in a dark, spartan, cell-like room, which contrasts with the grace and lightness of her attitude and sweet face.

The fifth is dressed in a puffy dress of a bright yellow and holds in her hands a pale pink flower, which contrasts with the cold colors of the rest of the composition.

The latter, meanwhile, is dressed in a red and white bodice. It is said to have been represented several times by Jean-Frédéric Shall. Indeed, it resembles and takes the attitude of another dancer of the painter, presented in the museum of Nantes. Unmissable

Mamo Michelangelo: the star spot

Located in the old town of Antibes, the Michelangelo is the sanctuary of Mamo. Its delicious Italian cuisine allow him to welcome all the gourmets of the region and celebrities passing by.

A strong personality, Mamo is the hidden king of Antibes who likes to be photographed on the walls of his establishment with the arms of movie stars, sports, and song stars. Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Kylie Jenner, Karl Lagerfeld, Johnny Hallyday… all beautiful people at the gate! So much so that to please its international clientele, Mamo opened a restaurant in New York and another in Paris. A la carte: truffle pizzas, lamb’s shoulder grilled over a wood fire, truffled Royan ravioli, pissaladière, antipasti with its raw violet artichoke salad with parmesan, Puglia burrata, pan-fried calamari, grilled whole fish, and linguine with vongole…

From year to year, Mamo looked for the best products available in the South of France and Italy and found there many small producers, who put their heart in their work. Mamo has always known that good food begins with the quality of the ingredients and the consistency in the preparation of dishes, allowing its guests to relive the same experience with each visit. Travelling to all regions of Italy to meet passionate producers to discover the rare, he obtained excellence in what he was looking for. An amazing restaurant in an amazing place.


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