India is a land of green nature, big hilly mountains, blue water sea, flora and fauna species and lots of myths. The persons, who want to spend its journeys in a unique way loving Wildlife Tours. The best part of India wildlife Tours is that you can catch the animals by Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, and Horse Safari and in the other ways. India has every constituent of gladden for all pleasance lovers and for different segment it provides different panorama of delectation. To explain say for all nature lovers, animal lovers, and conservationists India Wildlife Tours is a unique world of adventurous fantasize. India has one of the largest Flora and fauna hub in Worldwide. It has 70 National park and 448 Wild Sanctuaries. The popular and far-famed National park and Sanctuaries in India is Jim Corbett National Park, Gir National park, Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Sunderbans national Park and lots more. Gir National Park: – The forest in Gujarat, and established in the year of 1965, and protects the periled Asiatic Lion.

Gir is the only left habitat of the Asiatic Lion in the world. The park located in the state of Gujarat and covers the area around 1412 square kilometers. The major attractions of the park are Asian Lions and Leopards. The best time to visit here is November to June. The wildlife national parks are also floored with the best India wildlife resorts to ply perfect accommodation to the vacationers among the wildlife expedition. The highlights of the Gir National park are Jeep safari, which are available in the early morning to late evening. Tourists enjoy the recreational facilities in the Resorts of Gir National park like Bon-fire and lots more. Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary: – This wildlife sanctuary is an illustrious UNESCO heritage site and is the abode to the one horn Rhino. This wildlife reserve settled in the land of Assam is famed for the one horn Rhino, Tiger, Leopard, Hog badgers, caped Langurs, Swamp deer, Wild Boar, Elephant, Deer and lots more other wild Animals. The park is easily gettable for wildlife lovers and Nature lovers from the months of October to April. The Highlights of the tours are safari ride and Kaziranga sightseeing. The Resorts which is nearby Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary are Bon habi Resort, Kaziranga resort and Wild Grass Lodge. The recreational facilities provides by this Wildlife sanctuary to the guests are Jeep safari, Bird Watching, natures walk etc.


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