Have you been wondering about the perfect location that ticks your safety box in 2021? Are you one of those who was immensely affected by the travel bans in 2020? Safety has become one of the paramount issues that everyone who wishes to travel in 2021 must settle first. This is due to the widespread of the Coronavirus pandemic that affected the entire world in 2020.

However, with the speculations that there may or will be potential solutions through vaccinations in 2021, almost everyone has got that glimpse of hope and safety back. The news that there may be vaccines to give will make travelling and tourism resume in its full glory in due time.

Therefore, before that happens, you need to acquire enough knowledge about the safest environment in 2021 to know which locations to settle for and enjoy. On the other hand, rather than waiting for the vaccines to arrive, there are specific places in the world that are relatively considered safe due to social distancing. Here are some of these places: –

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the safest and beautiful places you may consider visiting in 2021. Since the pandemic has hit the world and various sectors that make it, the tourism sector worldwide became immensely vulnerable as travel bans were made to ensure safety. Hence, more outdoor activities became placed higher than indoor ones to allow for social distancing. Costa Rica is one of those environments that easily allows for more outdoor activities. Therefore, the setting is beautiful with nature spread all around and considered safe as you can social distance yourself from other people since there is enough landmass for that.


Greece is one of those beautiful places that offer several vacation options. The country was one of the tourism centres that reopened in late 2020 to tourists and foreign travellers. This country gets acknowledged for its rich history, thriving forest, beautiful landscapes, and other lovely sights. Hence, these various friendly options allow you and your family to enjoy more outdoor activities. That way, you will enjoy your time in Athens, or anywhere else in Greece and still be safe.


Everyone travel for diverse reasons. If you are travelling for educational or knowledge purposes, Egypt will be the best bet as it is creamy and rich in history and culture. One of the good things about this country is that there are still different discoveries happening despite the pandemic. For instance, in late 2020, about a hundred sarcophagi became discovered.

On the other hand, other outdoor activities such as scuba diving in the red sea, cruise along the Nile, and other fun outdoor activities will ensure your safety.

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands also offers a mixture of fun and safety to a large extent in this sensitive period. Like Costa Rica, the islands provide numerous outdoor activities. Before you can also step foot on the islands, the government has made it mandatory to get tested for COVID-19 within your arrival ten days. That way, safety becomes guaranteed even amid fun and enjoyment of all kinds.


Mexico is one fine place that also ensures the safety of everyone during this sensitive period. The country has a lot of outdoor activities to offer as there are beautiful landscapes. You can also engage in shopping for lovely clothes while on your vacation. You can check reviews about fashion shops to get to know the best fashion stores in the country.


Apart from these lovely countries, there are also a few more that take pride in being a fun destination and a safe one. While at it, you can check up Zaful Uk online to purchase beautiful outdoor wears such as bikinis, hats, amongst others to help you enjoy your vacation more.


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