Without you knowing it turns out that wet wipes in addition to cleaning in an emergency, can be relied upon as a solution for cleaning household items.

Not only safe, the fragrance of wet wipes specifically for babies also has a distinctive fragrance for cleaning items. There are at least 4 other uses for special wet wipes for babies in addition to cleaning the baby’s body. Here are some of its functions.

1. Special baby wet wipes can be used to clean wine spills. Not only that wet tissue can clean various stains from food spills on the surface of the carpet stain-free. Although ‘stain-free’, red wine stains, sauces, and food can leave marks on the surface of the carpet.

Special wet wipes for babies that have thick structures can absorb fluids perfectly. That way, you can take precautions so that the stain does not stick, right?

2. Wet wipes you can use to clean the “knife” fan. Pay attention to the fan that is not turned on. Oftentimes, we see the surface of the “knife” will be full of dust caught when the fan is spinning. Clean this dust with wet tissue. In addition to quickly disappearing the dust, a typical fragrance from a wet tissue can also make the fan smell when turned on.

3. Blinds or blinds you can clean the window coverings also with this baby’s special wet wipes. As with fans, these blinds catch dust easily. Avoid this by cleaning it with a wet tissue.

4. Wet wipes can also clean sparkling household items. You simply rub it firmly on the surface of furniture made of iron or chrome. You will notice that the furniture looks shiny again.

 Well, for those of you who are looking for wet wipes that are suitable for babies, you can try products from Cussons Baby. At present, Cussons Baby released six variants of wet tissue, including; Soft & Smooth, Mild & Gentle, Naturally Refreshing, Protect Care, Fresh & Nourish and Sensitive Wipes.

From the many wet wipes/ tisu basah bayi from Cussons Baby, you can try Cussons Baby Soft and Smooth. Cussons Baby Soft and Smooth wet wipes contain aqua, phenoxyethanol, and ETC. Of all Cussons Baby products, they do not contain alcohol. But only Cussons Baby has the Dermatologically Tested label.

The packaging

Cussons Baby wet wipes come in large and small packages. Large packages contain 20 + 20 while small packages contain 10 pieces of wet tissue.

Thickness and Flexibility

Cussons Baby wet wipes have a flexible texture and are not easily torn.

Water content

Moisture content contained in wet wipes is usually also a consideration before buying. There are mothers who like wet wipes that contain lots of water and don’t dry quickly, there are also those who like the opposite. Now that’s some things you should know, interested in buying Cussons Baby products? You can buy it at https://www.blibli.com


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