Are you ready to go on a delicious travel? Do you want your taste buds to tingle with delight and expectation in exotic and aromatic surroundings? Take the exotic path and relish Thai cuisine at one of the hottest vacation spots. Bangkok invites you to Thai-style dining at her restaurants, at antique teak houses or on a dinner cruise or just shop away at the fascinating food markets where chefs great and small will discover an array of every imaginable foodstuff. Bangkok lays open a scenic path to her dining concept and travelers can enjoy the great cuisines of the world combined with the much-talked about Thai hospitality.

Perfect for the locals as well as for tourists, the dining scenario in Bangkok takes the taste buds from rooftop trendy restaurants to street hawker stalls and food stalls where the aroma of the old and the new blend to offer distinctive cuisines. Immerse yourself in the Bangkok lifestyle and taste Thai/Issan, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Zambian, American and a host of great cuisines from all over the globe. Go on a culinary adventure tour and partake of a feast of extraordinary dishes created with spices, herbs, sweet basil, lemongrass, chili, garlic and ginger. With food everywhere, Bangkok makes her visitors comfortable with innumerable food carts, stalls, restaurants and pavement stalls where the taste buds can go on a divine journey with food of every kind.

Set off on a Flavorful Journey

Ranging over exotic lakeside gazebos, riverside restaurants, colorful gardens, sidewalk stalls and rainforest garden eateries, the dining areas of Bangkok are spread over the entire city with the pervading aromas of 1000 delicious fragrances. With a spectrum of awesome dishes, visitors can enjoy delicious green chicken curry with Jasmine rice and spicy shrimp soup. Tickling palates with an awesome array of dishes, visitors can try out Pad Thai, Som Tum, Tom Yum Goong which are signature dishes or go on a divine delectable journey with sticky rice and mango or a spicy papaya salad with crisp vegetables and Thai Kanom. With some of the more expensive dishes being Bird’s Nest Soup and Shark Fin Soup, tourists will have the advantage of tasting cuisines from every part of Asia with Vietnamese Spring Rolls, spicy Thai salads, Moon cakes, Steaks, Indian breads and Chinese Dim Sum.

Aspiring chefs can explore the nuances of Thai cuisine and go for cooking classes to learn how to make authentic Thai dishes or they can check out traditional Bangkok Dinner Shows that are accompanied with Thai dancing. Tourists can enjoy the gastronomic delights of Bangkok’s famous food courts and sample a mouth-watering range of vegetarian delights. Including salty, spicy, sour and spicy touches to traditional dishes, Bangkok opens out a smorgasbord of flavors and food at any time of day or night. Delightful to the taste buds as well as to the eyes and mind, Thai food is colorful and well presented with vegetable and fruit carvings used in garnishing dishes. Take off into the City of Angels and be transported into a delicious world of cuisines that speaks of culture and the charisma of a unique lifestyle.