Getting married is a big event experienced by someone, especially for women. Because the wedding celebration will only be done once in a lifetime, surely many of you want to celebrate it very memorable. That is why women are usually very detailed in thinking about their wedding preparations, and it is not uncommon for the desire to make a wedding party they want to be caught at a high cost.

To make a memorable wedding, it doesn’t always have to be a high cost. You can get a wedding that is simple but unforgettable. Consider the following details:

1. When you have decided to get married, immediately discuss the plan with your family. It doesn’t hurt, to be honest with the budget you and your partner have. Who knows if there are family members who can help solve the problems you are facing, for example, having an acquaintance with the caterer, photographer, invitation maker, or location that can make it easier and save money at the same time.

2. Make a price list and budget so that you can be more flexible in choosing what is needed at the wedding. You also don’t have to force yourself to buy only complementary things.

3. Determine the location of the wedding. If you are planning to have a wedding at home, that means you can save on building rental costs. However, if you are going to have a wedding party in the building, you should choose one with a capacity according to the number of invitations. You can also try the service of a wedding organizer to make your wedding a success. You can read on, how to hire services from a wedding organizer.

4. Determine the number of invitations as soon as possible. Think about the people you expect to be at your wedding. If it is family and close friends, catering can be done alone or by involving colleagues and family.

5. Do a series of processions in one day only. You can have the wedding ceremony and reception at consecutive hours to avoid unexpected costs.

6. Buy clothing for wedding clothes between March and June, because in these months the price of materials is down. Avoid buying materials before the big day because you will get a fairly high price.

7. Choose wedding preparations in packages. When you choose a building, they will usually offer wedding packages all-in-one. Choose a package that includes catering, decorations, photos, bridal wear, and make-up.

8. To enliven the event, you can ask close friends to sing at the reception. As well as being familiar, it also cuts your budget for performers.

9. Get creative with your invitations. Take some time before the event to try to make a cute, creative invitation that you and your partner have created. You can also take advantage of social networks in unique ways to spread invitations. When the guests have read the invitations and know the details of your wedding location, time, and place, then the trash can will accommodate them.

10. Just like the invitation, if you are creative it is highly recommended to make your souvenir. You can see the reference by checking out the DIY video on YouTube.

Happy planning and happy new life. May your marriage last and be happy until the end of life.


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